The Alberta Industrial Fire Protection Association (AIFPA) was formed in the fall of 1989 to promote awareness of industrial fire protection and emergency management by information sharing and joint problem solving to minimize damage, loss and injury throughout the industry in the Province of Alberta.

The founding organizers and members of the AIFPA were Len Freeman (Dow Chemicals) and Brian Lamond (Syncrude Canada). Along with founding organizers Len and Brian, attending the first meeting was Arnie Quinton (Imperial Oil), Wayne Conley (Suncor Energy Inc.) and Allan Wood (Agrium Inc.) which was held at the Alberta Public Safety Services Building, in Edmonton.

Today the group meets diligently twice a year and is over 100 member companies strong with representation from Oil and Gas, Pulp and Paper, Mining, Forestry, Manufacturing, Training, Independent Emergency Responders, Equipment and Supply Companies, Consultants, Municipal Emergency Response, and Government Agencies. AIFEMA also has members from outside the province such as Husky Energy (Lloydminster, SK), Consumers Cooperative Refineries (Regina, SK) and members from the United States such as Williams Fire and Hazard Control (Port Arthur, TX). AIFEMA also maintains affiliations with the Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA), Alberta Municipal Affairs (AMA), Alberta Fire Chiefs Association (AFCA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

On January 1, 2016, the Association changed its’ name to the Alberta Industrial Fire and Emergency Management Association (AIFEMA).

On February 23, 2022, one of the Association’s founding members Wayne Conley passed away.


  • Exchange of information on emergencies and ‘lessons learned’ which the membership has experienced to minimize effort and cost.
  • To promote the professional development of emergency management and response professionals.
  • A common voice for the Industrial sector to Municipal Affairs, Public Safety Division.
  • A global voice to the suppliers and vendors of the needs of the industry.